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It’s Friday 8-Bit'ers,

and we finally made it. Several month in the making and still in Beta but we dare to release to family & friends.

Bastian and I had a great time building the newsletter and all the infra. I remember a friend saying:

A newsletter? Where’s the problem? Just create a Mailchimp Account and send an email. Done. 

Yeeeaaaaahhhh … turns out, there is no MVP that can't be over engineered 🤪. But that is for another story.

For this issue (actually #01) we have two loaves of bread in the oven and boy I can smell it. In case you are a Commodore Fanboy or Fangirl, we have a gem for you which is to be continued in a little series, and we have so much more learning resources in our archives, I bet there is something for you in upcoming issues.

Last but not least we send you into the weekend with a small Youtube Playlist. For now a really small one. We need some space for improvement here.

I hope you like issue #01 and off you go.

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Mega65 - the best C64 ever?

Mega65 - the best Commodore64?
Source: https://mega65.org

There are a couple of C64 clones or remakes. But every once in a while there is a special one. I'd call the Mega65 actually a 🦄 - but a bitter sweet one. At 40x faster than the original C64, HD-Output, SD-Card Support, Ethernet connection, more memory … it sounds like the wet dream of my 12 year old me. But: pre-orders were closed. Currently there is no info, when this neat piece of hardware can be ordered again, but you can bet, we will let you know.

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Spintronics - Mechanical Electronics!

Spintronics - Mechanical Electronics
Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/upperstory/spintronics-build-mechanical-circuits

That was a huge one. Spintronics - build mechanical circuits. Sure. Wait. What?

Yes, you read right. Mechanical electronics! What Paul Boswell presents on Kickstarter, is one of the projects that definitely deserve backing. Paul built mechanical equivalents not only to basics like switches, resistors, wiring, junctions. There are capacitors, oscillators, a battery and … a transistor! Sounds incredible, he? But is actually true.

To be fair, the available kits target the interested novice, not the established pro. But nevertheless, the idea to be able to test electronic circuits with mechanics sounds intriguing.

We are not sponsored, but highly recommend to check out Spintronics on kickstarter.

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Ahead of the wave

Commodore's Assemblers - the full Story

Commodores Assemblers
Source: https://www.pagetable.com/?p=1518

The story of Commodore's assemblers might not sound that interesting in the beginning.

And given it is 2021 where you can cross-compile Linux for Mac on a Tamagotchi (ok, not really), one might ask: Where is the problem?

But in the beginning there was no native assembler for the 65XX based machines. Everything had to be cross-assembled on machines like the NCSS, MDT650 and VAX workstations. Michael Steil, Melissa and Sebastian Biallas present a beautiful series of articles, which lays out all the historical details. Right in front of you.

Enjoy the read.

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PS/2 Software for Ben Eater's 6502

Ben Eater - PS/2 Keyboard for the 6502 Computer
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL0GO9SeBh0

Aaaaand, a classic. Ben Eater did it again.

(In case you don’t know Ben, might I ask which rock you slept under the last 5 years? … Just kidding, but head over to eater.net, you will LOVE Ben's content).

Ben builds a software interface for the PS/2 keyboard, that he just attached to his 6502 based machine. Like always, entertaining, informative, just a perfect start into the Friday evening.

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Unity - C64 Demo

Unity C64 Demo
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob1VKFt8s6g

I'd like to stay with the Commodore 64 here today. Unity by Atlantis and Padua is one of the more extraordinary demos I have seen in a while. It is still a matter of taste, but give it a try.

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Intel 4004 - Visual Simulation

Intel 4004 - Visual Simulation
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Fixr39X8S4

And since we have a big fish in our Youtube tank with Ben already, we round up this week with this little gem. Enjoy.

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I hope you enjoyed this issue! Please don’t hesitate to give us Feedback. You can reply to that email or drop me a message at jan@8bitnews.io.

Have a phantastic weekend. Go create!


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