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My fascination for software and hardware has its origin in the 8bit machines of the 80s. My journey started with a C64 in 1988, followed by an Amiga 500, various PCs, a Gameboy and some consoles. My studies in computer science were followed by a 20 years lasting career in the software industry, in which I was lucky enough to implement numerous projects for international companies worldwide. Today I enjoy spending most of my time with 8bit topics, create related screencasts like this one about Sixty5o2 and co-run 8bitnews together with Bastian.


My first machine also was C64 and my father showed me Logo. Fascinated how the turtle drew lines on the screen I learned Basic in school and got in touch which first UNIX machines. Playing games like Monkey Island or Civilization later brought me into programming. With the internets popularity rising at the time I focused on that, I wanted to create web applications. Since then I am working as a professional web developer, being open for any kind of topic and technology. My current professional focus is on the JAMstack and of course retro tech.


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