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Source: https://github.com/bobbimanners/

Eightball is one of those projects that more or less get lost in the mass and variety of information in the retrocomputing universe. And unfortunately unjustified.

Eightball is an algoritmic language for the Apple ][, the C64 and the VIC-20.

Bobby Webber-Manners is responsible for this project as well as for the implementation of BBC Basic on the Apple ][.

With Eightball she delivers an interpreter, a bytecode compiler, the necessary virtual machine and a bytecode disassembler. The statically typed language she developed, allows structured programming on the machines mentioned, and provides a much more modern approach than Basic and without having to deal with Assembly.

The project comes with excellent documentation. And if you are looking for a new challenge on one of the supported 8-bit machines, or just want to understand how to implement your own language on your own VM, then Eightball is absolutely the right place for you.

Incredible project!

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