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Fullscreen Super Mario

Source: http://www.joshuakgoldberg.com/

Super Mario is one of the icons of 8-bit gaming. Whether you like him and the gameplay or not, there is probably no title in video game history, that had so many ports, successors, mods, clones and fans. Even today you can still buy a brand new device (the Nintendo Game & Watch) which has the original 1985 Super Mario Bros. ROM in it, playable on a modern ESP32 RISC-V design.

And if the following did not come up on Youtube lately, we would never have found it. A fullscreen HTML5 clone of Super Mario Bros. which is special. The version that Josh Goldberg built already back in 2013 is not just a Mario clone.

Besides the fact, that you can play every single map directly, the game comes with a number of funny mods. You can have infinite lives, a dark mode, gradient skies, earthquakes, low gravity, parallax clouds and on and on. The best is, you can create and edit your own levels and save them.

But the one feature, that makes this version of Mario outstanding, is the widescreen ability. Depending on your monitor and resolution, the games viewport is a real …. stretch. See for yourself.

Of course, a takedown notice from Nintendo’s suits waited around the corner early on. And the original domain of the project responds with a 404 only. Still, Josh has a version online, which can be played in every modern browser. And if you scroll down to the fun section, you find a video showing a crazy full level view setup.

Some things simply never get old.

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