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Mega65 Tools on the Mac

Source: https://www.stevencombs.com/

Everbody and her grandma are waiting for the MEGA65. You do, right? A few lucky ones could order the devkit and watch the IC daemons release their smoky soul through the transparent shell already. 🔥💨

Steven B. Combs aka retrocombs obviously managed to get his machine through the last few months without any fire damage and recently shared a beautiful article about How to build the MEGA65 Tools on a Mac.

Feels a little bit like a kid, standing in front of a candy shop, having empty pockets. 😫

However, as the release of the first batch of the machine is planned for autumn this year, and since autumn is not too far away anymore, his writeup could help you to ease the pain and prep yourself for the machines arrival. Let’s hope for the best.

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