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Next Foenix

Imagesource: https://c256foenix.com/

Still on the search for the perfect Christmas gift for yourself? ūüéĀ

How about an 8-bit box from @StefanyAllaire? At least that would fit very well, as Stefany has just launched the next machine of her Foenix series. And the F256K is not only good looking, it's inner values convince.

A 65C02 from Western Design Center - speeding at 6.29MHz - drives all the operations. 256kB Static RAM, 512 kB Flash, TinyVicky Video Processor with up to 256 colors, FPGA based sound with up to 3 Voices Per Channel, IEC Port, SDCard, UART Port or Wifi, Joystick Ports ATARI and NES Style ... completely equipped.

It's unbelievable what Stefany has done with her one-women-show in such a short time. All the more interesting, that you can order the F256K only for the next 4 weeks. In April 2023, the first machines are to be handed over to the shipping provider.

Let's hope, that it will be a success and that we will see more hardware from Stefany rising from the ashes.

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