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Retro Monitor - The Future

Imagesource: https://youtu.be/iUKQhCGUHWc

Thanks to @Phil_South, we didn't miss out on another bang-up project. 😮‍💨

Have you ever counted the number of monitors in your house? If you belong to the hardcore enthusiasts, then there will be ... some. Because depending on what hardware you drag to your garage, there are quite a few connectivity options, right?

That's a problem of the past. Because Stephen Jones - has just landed a real smash hit with his monster-equipped 19'' IPS display on Kickstarter. (No CRT though, but I guess, that won't ever happen again in my lifetime.)

Pete the @nostalnerd took a closer look at the details of the device. And if your personal budget still has a little buffer after the festivities, then definitely check out his video.

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