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ZX81 Nuclear Power Plant

Imagesource: John Newcombe

Can you control a nuclear power plant with a ZX81? What a question? 😏

Of course you can!

John Newcombe has dared the experiment. That is, without a nuclear power plant and such. He simulates that on his ZX81 as well. 😱

What sounds like a lot of nonsense at first, is expertly planned, implemented and presented. In his video John presents an amazingly extensive simulation of the overall processes in such a power plant. Of course, it's just the model. But there actually is some complexity to it, and the implementation hides it behind a surprisingly fresh UI.

Worth seeing, not only for Sinclair friends.

[Sidenote: One of the best ways to run this without the original hardware (no, not the power plant) is Tom Harte's ingenious Clock Signal.]

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