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Apple-1 Memory Architecture

Imagesource: Achim Baqué - CC BY-SA 4.0

2.097.152 times as much memory as the Apple-1? That's the amount of memory in the machine I am currently writing this article on. 16GB vs. 8kB. Was and is the Apple-1 less fun compared to a modern memory monster?

I'm not sure, but that's a question everyone has to answer for themselves. What definitely is fun, is to understand the memory architecture of the Apple-1. Why? There isn't any. 😬

Well, at least none that would have anything to do with "normal" RAM. Steve Wozniak used shift registers as memory back then, which explains the now stone-age-like interface and the lack of a backspace option on the console.

Ken Shirriff took the time to write another brilliant article on the subject, which can be found here.

Nothing for in-between, and for some surely an old hat. But who is interested in the architecture, will find the perfect writeup with all information on the topic perfectly prepared and illustrated by Ken.

As always. Lovely.

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