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Nebulus for Pico-8

Imagesource: U.S. Gold

One should never conclude from oneself to others, and I have no data to substantiate the following. But Nebulus was one of the classics on the C64 that I'm sure, a number of us grew up with and just wasted a lot of valuable lifetime.

On to a new one! Apart from the fact that Nebulus also got ported to various systems, there was always one missing. Therefore a joyful Hello for: Nebulus for Pico-8.

Carl Chimes has reissued John M. Phillips' classic for the fantasy console, and recently made it available on itch.io.

Always fun to just load a cover art PNG, that also contains the entire application binary.

If you just can't forget Nebulus, you'll get your money's worth here. (And the cart is actually free of charge.) If you don't know the game yet, it's highly recommended. Even if the C64 is not beaten by anything. 😏

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