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PCMCIA Soundblaster Clone

Imagesource: http://www.vgmpf.com/

PCMCIA was a ubiquitous format back in the days. At least from 1989 to 2010, you could buy all kinds of additional hardware for laptops with PCMCIA port, especially modems were widespread ... 56k mind you. Unimaginable today, where the kids already complain about a 5 seconds buffering of their Netflix stream. 🫣

Thus, current PCMCIA projects are hardly interesting, because there is no longer any hardware with corresponding connectors. But if you call such a device your own, then sooner or later the desire for a decent sound card often comes around the corner.

And what is a proper soundcard, if not a Soundblaster? 🔊

That's what Kevin thought, and decided to build a Soundblaster clone in PCMCIA guise.

His project page has the perfect retro vibe and color theme, and navigating through the Soundblaster article as well as the previous projects is just fun.

If and how you can get your own Soundblaster clone is currently not foreseeable, but Kevin's videos on the subject are definitely interesting.

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