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SmartyKit Second Batch

Imagesource: https://smartykit.io/

Remember SmartyKit from 2021? No? Neither do we, because the topic as well as the project passed us with full speed, without us noticing anything about it. And that's more or less semi-pity, because the first batch was quickly sold out. The second batch … what can we say except semiconductor shortage.

But preorders are open again, and those who had a lot of fun with Ben Eater's 6502 machine, the Cerberus 2080, the RC 2014 or other DIY 8-bit systems, will love the SmartyKit.

The special feature: The thing is Apple-1 compatible, is assembled on breadboards, comes with a 2.8" LCD screen (320x240) but also a connector for a keyboard and a RCA port to connect to a TV set or monitor.

Besides the fun of building the machine, you learn a lot about architecture and how computers actually work at the metal level. The SmartyKit team provides a number of resources, to help you get software running on the box. (WozMon I'm coming.)

The price tag isn't all that tingly, and you'll have to think carefully about whether you want to pay the premium fee for the kit, but if you're still looking for a nice - though probably late - Easter gift, the kit could seriously be something for you. Or a friend. Or a friend of a friend.

As always, we're not sponsored, just didn't want to deprive you of the project.

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