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Jan Beta builds Cerberus 2080

Imagesource: https://youtu.be/YxW3LQ6DE-k

If you already know Bernardo Castrup's Cerberus 2080, then you know what this is about. If you don't know Bernardo and his creation yet, you will find it at thebyteattic.

The machine is not new, but its architecture is very well thought through. With a 65C02 and a Z80, two hearts beat in its chest, and the overall concept is just pretty.

If you didn't dare to order the kit yourself so far, you now get help from Jan Beta. Jan soldered the 2080 together from scratch, and as always guides us through the overall process in an entertaining fashion. The video is here.

Definitely a fun project. Even more fun that Bernardo is now also messing with Sabine Hossenfelder. But ... that’s another topic. 🤐

Decide for yourself.

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