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Built To Last

Imagesource: https://www.datagubbe.se/

Imagine: A computer that could last 50 years and work efficiently. An interesting thought, especially since in 2022 the Commodore64, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum but also other 8-bit machines will become 40 years old.

I don't think anyone would have thought back then, that 40 years later hardware and software releases for these machines would be as normal as the next friggin' iOS update.

Carl Svensson muses on the same topic, but has a different iron in the fire. For him, it's the Amiga 1200 released 10 years after the C64, and in his absolutely worthwhile article, Carl not only addresses the philosophical question itself. 

The very practical challenges of a 50 year old computer stand in the foreground, as well as the daily-driver-capabilities of the machine. 

Not only for Amiga fans, and something we should at least think about in times of diminishing resources, chip shortage and upheavals in this world.

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