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C64 Chiptunes on Vinyl

Imagesource: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mattgray64/

With the ASCII Art above we had something for the eyes. Now here there is something for the crafty connoisseur of pulsed air pressure waves … music. 🎧

Matt Gray is a well known musician and has remastered over 120 chiptunes from popular C64 and Amiga games in the last 7 years. And he's really got that down.

His current project is about The Last Ninja, and if you run the video on his Kickstarter campaign Reformation 5, you immediately feel transported to the end of the 80s and right in front of a C64 running the game. (Like muscle memory of the ears.

Matt is currently planning CD and vinyl versions and there are quite a few stretch goals for the campaign. As always, we just think this project is cool, we are neither sponsored nor affiliated with Matt or the campaign in any way.


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