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Build Yourself A DEC Mini

Source: https://decmini.com/

Quite surely you remember the DEC Programmed Data Processor (PDP) series machines. The PDP-11 was not uncommon in universities in the 80s and 90s and I remember when friends and I - all studying CS - stood devoutly in front of such a machine, unknowingly admiring the genius of the engineers who built this series of thoroughly significant apparatus’ back in the days.

Then we went ahead and played Quake all night! 🎮

Lorenzo Herrera must have had similar experiences, because his kind of humor is right up my alley. What he presents on decmini.com is the DEC Mini and let me quote:

The long-awaited new DEC Mini is the latest iteration of the DEC1 business computers […] is fully IBM-PC compatible, offers extreme upgradability and packs unprecedented high-end specifications […] up to 4 processors at 1.500 MHz, up to 8.192 Megabytes of RAM, …

I better stop here. You need to check this yourself, because it is no joke. You can not buy the machine as a product, but you can build it yourself. And should you still be searching for a summer project … you are welcome! 😜

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