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The Machine You Fantasized About - Pico8

Source: https://www.lexaloffle.com/

I guess you know the famous South Park 3-phase success plan. Phase 1: collect underpants. Phase 2: (ehhhm). Phase 3: Profit!

zep.p8 aka Joseph White definitely collected his underpants (I guess) and definitely profited. But rightfully so, because not only did he build a fantastic piece of software (the ehhhm part) that many call a fantasy console. He and his company lexaloffle also kicked off a movement towards retro gaming and retro programming.

The only-virtually existing machine he built, is called Pico8. And I beg your pardon if you know Pico8 already, the project is around for a few years now. Nevertheless, there is at least a greater than zero probability, that you did not come across it yet. You better correct that! Now. 👈

What you will find is not simply an emulator for a non-existing console. It is a whole retro-coding environment which can be run on Windows, Mac, Linux, a RaspPi and … a browser!

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of games available to be played online. Free of charge.

Don’t feel like gaming today? Download, start and have a sprite running around your screen in literally 3 minutes. Pico8 comes with a console, a code editor, a sprite creation tool, a map editor, a sound creator and a tracker. And it takes you merely minutes to grasp and master their functionality. In no time you find yourself coding a first example to cycle the background color of your screen 60 times a second. 🖥

There is a good starting point for your Pico8 adventures and if you shy away from the the $14.99 purchase, read on, we cover a fantastic open source alternative down below.

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