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C64 Compendium

Source: http://www.c64os.com/c64os/

Retro computers and consoles have one thing in common. They are 'retro'. You might replace that word by 'old' or 'outdated' but if you actually look at the communities behind these pieces of burning inventiveness of the 70s and 80s, you find quite the opposite.

There are strong and growing communities of fans who, regardless of any age of a particular hardware, produce content such as books, videos, programs and games to this day.

For some of these plastic boxes filled with silicon chips you find more, for others less and Gregory Nacu decided to extend the already overwhelming universe of Commodore64 material by a great deal.

His C64 Afterlife Guide is super fresh, comes with a bright and inviting design and summarizes all important facts about this machine not only for enthusiasts, but also for beginners in an excellent way. 

You still have a C64 catching dust at the attic? Planning to buy one? Definitely check this out.

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