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The Old / New Apple ][ Journal

Source: https://juiced.gs/

In 1977, Apple introduced the Apple ][ to the public at the Westcoast Computer Faire. What followed, went down in history as the world's first highly successful mass-produced microcomputer. Chances are, you remember.

Chances are, you own an Apple ][. And chances are, you do not know Juiced.GS already.

This quarterly Apple ][ magazine dates back to - relax you muscles - 1996!

Steven Weyhrich and a number of team members produce and publish 4 issues every year. Ever since. Until today!

That ended up in my personal Dictionary of Awesome™ under 'Persistence'. (Before I had a pic of my grandma constantly hitting F5 on an eBay auction 2 days straight … the auction already being over.)

But you know, what is the best? They deliver the magazine to your doorstep personally! Service. Economy. 

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