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PicoCAD - 8Bit 3D Modeler

Source: https://johanpeitz.itch.io/picocad

And a last one. Can you imagine Blender at a resolution of only 128x128 pixels, just 16 colors, 3 screens for X, Y and Z-axis mesh manipulation plus one for realtime rendering? Add support for PNG based textures and you arrive in Johan Peitz’ crazy idea of a 3D CAD tool for Pico8.

You can download his creation picoCAD at itch.io and use it free of charge. It comes bundled with the Pico8 runtime and is available for all platforms, that are supported by Pico8 itself.

Forget the mind-boggling limitations for a moment. You will have so much fun while creating your first 3D models without any startup time. You can color them, add dither based lighting and even apply your own textures via simple PNG files. When done, you can export a 360 degrees rotating, animated gif or use your 3D model … elsewhere.

Of course, more a gimmick than anything else. But one that will make you cry yourself to sleep tonight. Why did not I come up with that idea? 

Awesome work Johan!

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