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Monkey Island™ Sound w/o Monkey Island!

Source: https://unsplash.com/

We love space. We also love Guybrush Threepwood. Both are seemingly unrelated and if you're wondering how we're going to get our act together here, it's simple: Thanassis Tsiodras! Makes sense? 🤪

No? Yes! 

Thanassis is actually an engineer at the European Space Agency - ESA 📡. And he loves Guybrush as much as he loves his nieces and nephews, who he built something for. Something special.

His masterpiece about The Monkey Island™ PC-Speaker music player is something, that you will definitely enjoy reading. This is nerdism at it’s best and you will learn a ton while reading how Thanassis brings the original Monkey Island™ soundtrack onto a tiny, tiny ATTiny85 with only 512 bytes of RAM and 8kB of flash! 

What.An.Achievement. Tip to the hat Sir!

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